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Chief editor of Tgla7 of the Milan editorial office


Silvia Maria Brasca, from Milan, after graduating from classical high school, from the summer of 1978 she spent long periods in a Kibbutz in Israel, up to  Degree in Political Science in 1985 with a thesis on the Israeli Black Panthers. After experiences in the world of theater and advertising, since 1988 he has worked in television, first in the promotion of journalist programs of the then Finivest, then from 1992 on Tg5, he is always with Enrico Mentana at Matrix and then at Tgla7 as editor-in-chief of the Milan editorial office. . Since 2017 he has held a seminar at the IULM Master of Journalism in Milan on Fact Checking and Fake News. In 1992 he edited, signed and made the video "Meditate Che This E 'Stato". Produced by the then Province of Milan it was one of the first  video tools available to teachers to bring classes closer to the events of the Shoah.

Photographer and co-founder of Studio Azzurro, Milan

Born in Milan in 1949, he trained as a photographer in Aldo Ballo's studio. After eight years of collaboration he set up his own photographic studio in 1972 and in 1978 he founded Studio Azzurro Fotografia together with former assistants from the dance studio. In these years he developed his activity in the field of architectural and design photography and artistic documentation by collaborating with important sector magazines such as Casa Vogue, Domus, Gran Bazar, Interni. In 1980, together with Leonardo Sangiorgi and Paolo Rosa he made Facce di festa, a 16mm film that marked the beginning of a collaboration that resulted, in 1982, in the foundation of Studio Azzurro Produzioni, an artistic research group of recognized cultural value. Here he develops his professionalism dealing with the creation of images and the direction of photography for all video and cinematographic productions, video environments and sensitive environments.


Visual artist and co-founder of Studio Azzurro, Milan


After his studies at the Brera Academy and various experiences in the visual arts, he began the experience of Studio Azzurro in 1982 and started together with Fabio Cirifino and Paolo Rosa, and subsequently Stefano Roveda, a research activity oriented towards creation of video settings. Since 1994, he has been interested in interactivity and multimedia issues, creating a series of "sensitive environments", including: "The garden of souls", for the New Metropolis science museum in Amsterdam, "Crystal Pass" and "Occhi of sand ”for the Swarovski Museum in Innsbruck. He participates in the project and coordinates the construction of "Baluardo" for the city of Lucca and the project of the large wall of images "Megalopoli" for the Venice Architecture Biennale. He is currently in charge of the design and construction of the Federico Fellini International Museum in Rimini and the “Hospitale” exhibition dedicated to the Old Hospital in Parma 2020-21 Capital of Culture. 

Content design and art direction

Born in 1974, she studies Literature and History of Art e

collaborates with the Galleria dell'Incisione of Brescia and with some publishers. After a master's in photography, get started

a long experience of collaboration as an editor,

photographer and photo editor with photography magazines, writing and producing original iconographic materials on formal and semantic analysis and perception of images.

Interested in storytelling through images and the relationship between man, art and technologies, she meets Studio Azzurro, with whom she still begins a collaboration today. ongoing on project development, video shooting and art direction of sensitive environments, installations, performances and theatrical performances. In recent years she has approached the world of performing arts with particular interest, considering it particularly fruitful as a possible antidote to the dominant languages of the contemporary scene.


Video editing and editing


Silvia Pellizzari has been involved in the assembly of video works, video installations and interactive installations for more than 10 years. Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Venice, she dealt with didactics and contemporary art collaborating in Venice with the Peggy Guggenheim museum,  with the international gallery of modern art of Ca 'Pesaro and with the Venice Biennale. Since 2004 he has collaborated with Studio Azzurro, where he has developed a long experience in the research and reworking of archival videos and repertoire materials. Among the main works: Renzo Piano, water projects (Venice, 2018); Children, stories of travel and hope (Rome, 2017); To the East (Rome, 2011); Laboratory Museum of the Mind (Rome, 2008). In addition to his passion for audiovisual repertoires, he has cultivated a love for cinema. In 2014 he edited the documentary Devil comes to Koko by Alfie Ntze and in 2015 he signed with Lizi Gelber the editing of the feature film Per un Son by Suranga D. Katugampala. He collaborates with Nuovo Armenia and with Asnada with whom he participates in the Jury of the Cinema of Railing.

Musician, video artist, hacker

Born in San Marino in 1982, he developed his training at the Bruno Maderna Conservatory in Cesena and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

In 2017 he creates the projections of the theatrical show

Zaaz winning the R-Evolution competition

and is staged at the National Theater of Milan.

He won the 2017 San Fedele Arti Visive Award with the work Catarsi and ranks third at the Sirene wAVe Short 2019 International Short Film Competition with Arché.

Since 2018 he has collaborated with Studio Azzurro in the software development, animation and sound-design phases on various projects such as Bissima dans la rue, la rue en trance. (Triennale Teatro dell'Arte, Milan, 2018), Witnesses of the Witnesses. Remembering and narrating Auschwitz (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 2019), Leonardo, The machine of imagination (Palazzo Reale, Milan, 2019; GAM, Palermo, 2020).



Piazza Carlo Gancia, 23

Canelli (AT), Italia

Tel: +39 320 4219792

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