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Returning to the grandfather's house in Canelli, in the Bassano Region, was what gave birth to the dream of filling that space with people, artists, all intent on carrying out a single cultural, artistic or social project to share with the community. The large garden of the house, the landscape and all that beauty had to be shared!

For many years this thought remains so,
but, when in 2020 we find ourselves there with some friends for an extended period, we understand that that was the time to make that dream come true and so we begin to design something that can be a place of production for artists and a meeting place for the community and fans. of art and cinema.

Thus was born the first sprout of Terre da Film, in July 2021. A festival of visual and performing arts. A path of four events e  an artistic residence: a temporal bubble of art and culture. The goal was immediately to involve the community and put it in relationship with the outside world, to bring together different realities and identities, to give local artists the opportunity to perform in public, to bring international authors to discover magical territories, life to a network of talents who could work synergistically to a unique sharing experience  .



Piazza Carlo Gancia, 23

Canelli (AT), Italy

Tel: +39 320 4219792

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